Living here

Yes, life. It’s curious really, that most people are not really living. What’s that suppose to mean, you ask. What makes you so sure and proud of yourself to make such a claim? Living begins with the now, not with some other time. It doesn’t matter where you start, so long as it’s the now, not the there or then or when.

Let your subconscious do the work. Your consciousness should direct your senses only to the topic on hand, it should will your senses so that they harmonize with fabulous congruency, grabbing and guiding the flow of information, the stream of sense data, the column of your awareness that occupies your task, your goal, your purpose.

Do not live in your head. Live outside your head. Do not interrupt your ability to feel with superfluous thoughts ruminating on the past or itching about the future. Your mind should be empty and clear.

Program your subconscious when you are alone, in solitude, with yourself. Reflect on those things of the utmost importance, assign priorities, goals. Once they have been identified, internalize them, meditate until they are one with your passions, so that the thought of any one purpose, task or goal causes a cascade of emotions, of whirling passions, that bring you nearly to the brink of joyful tears. Then go about your day. Pay no heed to loose wonderings of imagination, to the floating distractions that prick your attention. They are nothing more than holograms, misplaced illusions occupying your space as they bump along into oblivion. Do not chase them there. Do not invite them into your consciousness where they can corrupt your convictions and mislead the sacred desires that you’ve spent so much time cultivating. No, look past them, look through them as they are: empty hollow reflections, possessing no substance, that glisten momentarily on the mind .

Live outside your head. Live among nature, among people, among song and sweet surroundings. Let these things pass through you long enough to resonate, but briefly enough so they have no chance to take root and occupy your precocious passions , robbing you of your sacred self. Life is the moment, live there.

There it is: awareness: the ability to clear the mind, the consciousness, of all meandering musings.

Devote time to yourself, by yourself. Then, stay true to yourself. Do not try defining yourself in the company of others. Do not spend your solitude wishing you were in someone else’s company.  Possess yourself. Do not let yourself be possessed.


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