How a Government Puts Down a Revolution

If I was a political leader, a wealthy tycoon or king or anyone in power over the people, and I expected a revolution on the horizon, these are a few things I would do to prevent or put down the uprising:

  1. Keep the people insipid and dull, incapable of asking questions and thinking for themselves, so they accept and do what they are told without resistance
  2. Strip the population of property and resources; enslave them
  3. Make an excuse to increase domestic police and law enforcement and paramilitary spending
  4. Build up prisons and increase jail capacity
  5. Create conflict over seas to divert attention from domestic problems
  6. Build up a standing Army; Send a standing Army to over seas war, keep them battle ready and desensitized; Maintain reenlistment, keep standing Army away from home country so that they are detached from culture
  7. Increase domestic surveillance and monitoring

I would say that all of these things are occurring either intentionally or unintentionally. I can cite some examples:

  1. Education failure; More education failure; Standardization and uniform thinking; Entertainment/ amusement culture; Psychiatrically drugged; drop out rates increasing
  2. Income inequality highest in recorded history; More Income inequality; Household debt highest in recorded history; Asset inequality highest in history
  3. Orgiastic Spending on Technologies of Political Control; Police State
  4. Declare war on drugs; Declare war on terrorism: Perfect excuses to increase militarization, law enforcement, homeland security; “justice” spending as increased steadily over time
  5. Incarceration rates highest in recorded history; Prison populations bursting; Prison construction all time high
  6. US has been in a war every decade: WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Cold War, Persian Gulf, Iraqi Freedom, Afghan Operation Enduring Freedom war
  7. Enlistment rates on the rise


I know, it sounds far fetched… but you should ask yourself what the data is pointing towards, if for nothing else then to come up with a reasonable explanation so that you can prepare for the future.


Interesting graphs.


Inequality in US Households
Small Business Failures
US Poverty Rates
Department of Defense Budget Growth


Obesity Rates (BMI) by Country

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