Agitprop and the Economist

I just read the article titled Israel, Iran and America: Masters of their fate? by the Economist magazine.

This article should be widely circulated, not because I think its content deserves worthy attention, but because people should know what blatantly subversive and malign agitprop looks like.

The original title was: “Auschwitz complex”. Why wasn’t the author’s name published along with the article?

The message is anti-semitic, reeking of smear propaganda and fear mongering. When I read it, I was astonished. Utterly wide eyed and slack jawed. I don’t care who they are referencing, whether you support the Israelites or the Palestinians, or what your position is on the whole conflict, the attitude towards the situation is pernicious, foul and adds nothing constructive to understanding the situation.

I’m curious, what was the intention of publishing this article? It was featured in a column Democracy in America: American Politics which describes its content as “thoughts and opinions on America’s kinetic brand of politics and the policy it produces.” Do tell me, where was the connection between Israel’s “ghetto mentality” [I quote] and American democracy in this article?

The closest theme I found related to the relationship between Israel and the US, and Netanyahu’s influence over Obama’s policy decisions to support Israel. How that exactly relates to American democracy I’m not exactly sure, but I could take a guess. Perhaps by supporting Netanyahu Obama’s foreign policy decisions will not be reflecting the democratic public opinion? Perhaps by supporting Israel, the US is siding with a war-mongering nation who is bent on picking fights with suicide bombers, Hamas, Hezbolla, and now that poor lil’ innocent country Iran? Ha. Or maybe I’m totally delusional. I get it, Israel was provided reparations after their genocide with their current location in the middle east; in the process they occupied some ethnic peoples in the area, whom we now call Palestinians. That’s unfortunate, but why can’t they get along and live together peacefully? Like I said, I may have all the facts messed up, and I know that human nature is never perfect, but who is antagonizing and who is advocating for peace? Maybe its far too historical and personal for me to understand, but it seems that the actions  speak clearly. Anyway. Not a topic I want to explore further at the moment.  I’ll think more later.

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