My starlet. My dancing gem. I love you so. My heart lifts and breaks and pours and finds its way into the cracks, into the clouds, and streams down, into my soul, across my face, along the walkway, as we hold hands, and giggle, and fight the smile, and squeeze, learn to lick the burning emotions with our gaze.

looking around, spinning, the joy wraps over you, under me, sweeping my feet with wings of delight, of dalliance.

spotted dress

hammers sing songs

feeling with delusion

there is nothing sensitive about love

she is a car wreck, an abandoned beam, a desperately beautiful affair, with bruised eyes, and stormy cries, but a heart that holds the weight of the world, with gentle clasps, and love that lasts.

the tiger shifts, in the shadows

the feeling dissipates, into pots, hollow rooms with bolted locks, but

there is no time,

where there is power,

transcendental power, malevolent, crashing, careening power, that bolts across the mediterrenean blue, and brings me home to you

such beauty, delicacy, snowflakes

winter ears

hairs that fall and stand with your touch

your eyes

that guide

endless fathoms of feeling,

exploring with eager thievery, I want to steal you heart, replace it with mine, and travel together, feeling for one another, holding it in, keeping it safe,


the pressure

the burden

the almighty force that hovers above the forehead, obstructing thoughts, of grander more distant things, lands, adventures.

I am kind, my hand reaching out, absent harm, feeling no less than divine, your beauty bathes me, shades me in your radiance, let me bask, in your charm, along the shore, I implore.

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