Appearances Rule

This is what I have learned: as a rule, people do not think. That is reserved for only the very few. I can only think for myself, not concern myself with what other people fail to think or do. I need to leverage wisdom and erudition gained from experience and reflective thought to aid my goals. What are my goals? To influence people, to resolve their problems? Do I offer myself up as a messiah? How do I want to be remembered? Whether you are Jesus, or Ghandi, or a CEO, or an investor, or a celebrity, your essential duty is all the same: resolve other people’s problems, through art or wisdom or technology or inspirational works.

Appearances are all that matter. It’s not what you’re looking at, it’s what you see that counts. Like I said, I can’t be concerned with what other people see. I can only acknowledge what and how they see and provide a means to capitalize on that. There is only one god, and he resides within me, as me.

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