Working Goals

Acting in accord with my life plan, I’ve decided that at this juncture in my life I’ll be devoting myself entirely to growing professionally, 1000%. This includes personal growth, of course, since all growth is personal.

The company I work for is a health care consulting company. The partners have dozens of years of experience at the largest, most successful hospital systems in the world. Their experience, combined with their incredible access to networks and hospitals, makes this firm lethally successful.

When I took this opportunity, the exact nature of my job and responsibilities were hazy. I wasn’t sure what exactly what I was walking into. All I knew is that the company was incredibly well positioned, and experiencing outrageous growth, and I knew I needed to be apart of it.

So I’m not doing any client facing work, the consulting work. My work is at the headquarters, in operations. Initially I was skeptical since many of the positions I was applying for were client facing and consulting in nature, but as I learned more about the company, I realized I couldn’t be in a better position.

There are a dozen people working in the head quarters. The opportunity to make lasting impacts, to shape and mold the success of this company is greater than it would ever be anywhere else. Larger companies have their unwieldy structure, their hierarchy, their bureaucracy. Not at this firm. Everyone is receptive, everyone wants to grow. They want success. They plan on hiring like crazy over the next two years. They expect to grow from 200 to 500 consultants within the next year. Even if you’re a mediocre employee you’re guaranteed to receive greater responsibilities and promotions as the company grows.

What are my goals at this company? First, learn every position inside and out. Learn every work process. Create work flow diagrams. Make recommendations to streamline financial/ accounting/ auditing procedures. The business is functioning fine as it is, but I can already identify obvious inefficiencies and ambiguities that are bound to be costly as the company grows. I’d like to work on monthly projects and submit them as recommendations. This is how I will get noticed, how I will earn respect and favor and rewards. There’s plenty more to write about but I just wanted to get that out.

My long term goals are investing. I plan on living parsimoniously, budgeting every dollar I make to pay off debt and make investments. I’m young and bills and responsibilities are at a minimum. There’s no need to show off money, to conspicuously consume. I must think long term: investments and saving. I plan on living extra lean the next five to ten years. These habits will be vital for preserving my wealth when I have much. If I can’t manage 100 dollars I certainly won’t be able to manage a million dollars. My plan is to be a financial savant, living on only what I need, and never taking money for granted. My ultimate goal is to be financially free, to have my money work for me, whether that money is in owning a business, or owning real estate. And I should mention that living lean certainly doesn’t mean I’ll be living unhappy. It means that money will not be taken for granted, that I will be utilizing my creativity for pursuing happiness rather than relying on all the mainstream machinations for promoting well-being. My well being will be generated from within. And I will prosper, financially, emotionally and, for what it’s worth, spiritually.

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