My Life Plan

The following is my life plan. I’ve decided to share my aspirations and my plan to achieve them . I’ve kept this plan since 2007. Due to recent changes and life developments, this particular plan is currently in the process of being revised/ reworked. 

My Creed

I strive to be as genuine as possible. To do right in the midst of adversity. To be a gentlemen and a leader. To expect success and embrace responsibility. To keep an eternal perspective on the good things unseen, and be wary of being caught up in the tangible, short lived things of this world. To have an eye for beauty and goodness; a heart for people.

My Why

My “Why”: Marry a woman, a companion, with similar values and affections; raise a family.

Long-term life goals:

  • Financial freedom and security
    • Residual investments
    • Own a company
  • Write (on the human condition)
    • Books
    • Literature
  • Travel
  • Marriage
    • Family
      • Kids

Career goals:
Day to day goals

  • Early to bed, early to rise: First one to work, last one to leave
    • Wake and write in the morning: 5am
    • Read at night: 8pm
    • Bed by nine
  • Hustle while I wait: Work with deliberation, focus, and joy
  • Embrace additional responsibilities whenever the opportunity presents itself
    • Do not over commit; know your limits
  • Set new goals daily: Plan and schedule every day, week, and month beforehand
    • Look and meditate on your goals: keep the prize before you.
  • Prepare the night before
  • Daily Health and Wellness
    • Work out 5x a week after work at 6:30pm; eat healthy, balanced meals regularly
  • Budget finances every month: allocate every penny before it is spent.
    • Live on minimum expenses
    • No unnecessary expenditures
    • Save 10%: Property and emergency fund
    • Invest 10%: Match 401k; Match IRA
    • Debt 10%: Pay off student loans
    • Pleasure 10%: for fun activities; travel/ trips
    • Remaining expenses and bills
  • Review and visualize goals every morning and evening

Weekly Goals

  • Touch base with my mentor
  • Every Sunday evening: evaluate goals and progress; plan and prepare, modify approach

Monthly Goals

  • Meet with my mentor, e.g. meal, drinks, etc.
  • Network: e-mail a list of important contacts
  • Create new monthly budget.

Semi-annual Goals

  • Reevaluate Goals/ Life Plan.
  • Receive the BEST performance reviews each and every round

One Year

  • Receive the BEST performance reviews each and every round
  • Join local professional business organizations
  • Join a speaking organizations, e.g. Toast Masters
  • Travel out of the country at least once per year
  • Visit family at least once a year
  • Incorporate personal L.L.C.

Two and one-half years

  • Take night classes for: Math, Physics, IT, Computer Science, Management, Accounting, etc.

Five Years

  • Work in the health care and investment industry
  • Work as a consultant, or office manager
  • Make over $120,000 p/y (or savings?) by 30 y/o
    • Via: Salary, or investments
  • Own at least one property: make money on property
  • Pay off college debt: $50,000

Ten years

  • Work as an executive
  • Earn a graduate degree, e.g. MBA or MAC, etc.
  • Own a successful, profitable company
  • Make over $250,000 a year by 35 y/o

Fifteen Years

  • Make $500,000 a year by 35 y/o
  • Have 2-4 Children

Long-term career goals:

  • Investor
    • Business?
    • Real estate?
  • Consulting
    • Personal?
    • Management?
    • Financial?
    • Health care?

Consulting Goals
General Goals

  • Learn every position and skill
    • Accounting
      • Billing/ Acct. Receivables
      • Time and expense, invoice, etc.
    • Contracts
    • Sales
    • Consulting
      • Ask to shadow consultants in the field
      • Take PTO to do so if necessary
    • IT
    • HR
    • Training

Skill Goals

  • Learn/ master office and industry software:
    • Spring Ahead/ peoplefluent/ etc
    • QuickBooks, etc.,
    • Visio
    • Access
    • iWorm
    • Business Analytics/ Intelligence
    • IT Workshops/ courses/ classes

Day to Day Goals

  • Respond to e-mails; Answer questions
  • Complete:
    • Time and Expense
    • Billing & Invoice
  • Additional projects: 30min-2 hour
    • Op. Manual for new analysts
    • Model Workflow Processes: identify inefficiencies and submit suggestions with potential solutions


  • Nashville/ Franklin
  • NYC
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles


  • Workout a minimum of 30 minutes three days a week
  • Eat Healthy

Financial Freedom

  • Start/ Found and own a business
  • Start a website
    • Generate revenues?
  • Be financially free by 35


  • Finish Memoir
  • Finish Novella
  • Poetry
  • Journal
  • Blog


  • Seek out certifications and courses that will increase my knowledge, authority and value.

Study for GRE and GMAT

Apply to graduate school:

  • Decide:
    • MBA
    • Economics
    • Physics/ Math/ IT/ etc.

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