Environmental information shapes and molds our minds: abstracted data hones, hews, and hammers our psyche into a predetermined “normality”. Predetermined by who? By the status quo, by tradition, by convention, by the authority of legacy and inherited practice: that’s who.

The environment literally dictates how our retained mental plasticity reacts to the world.

Information technology is shaping our minds. As we engage with IT, our minds literally mirror or reflect these structures inhabiting our experience.

In this way design becomes intuitive. Logic becomes natural. We are conditioned to respond to corresponding associations.

An ideal or appropriate layout or design of webpages has implanted itself into our psyche. We have an intuitive sense of how things should be organized, how things should appear to us.

Our minds are a product of our environment. The conceptual structures established by others impress themselves upon our minds so that we mold ourselves, our psyche, around them until what was once an artificial conceptual construct becomes the literal structure, the essential etiological worldview, governing our thoughts and appraisals of this world in which we navigate.

The environment leaves impressions upon our mind that allow us to react appropriately to information and make consistent associations that bind us to other minds.

The “best” minds— considered so by society— are the best at regurgitating and recombining preexisting information, not necessarily creating novel information.

Our world is impressing itself upon our minds. We have grown psychologically dependent upon these cultural structures like the “interweb”, and other systems of organization that dictate order in our experience.

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