The Network: the Commodification of Political Discontents

Hollywood. The commodification of our political discontents. I’m not sure whether I condone or condemn their profiteering use of our problems. It’s almost a complete mockery. Propaganda is used to desensitize the masses to certain realities. Are we being conditioned to accept these circumstances? Does this show, “The Network”, ever go beyond acknowledging the problem? It’s pretty much brainwashing. And they make money off of it cause it resonates with us. But solving the problems requires action, not passivity, as TV tends to promote. So actually, I hate this clip. It’s cheap Hollywood magic to sell an audience. It does nothing to empower. It is not a call to action. Only a call to continue watching the series. Critical thinking will save us, and this clip or show does not promote either, because nothing they’re promoting is original, nor does it add value to remedying our dire situation.

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