Exterminate the White Man

Is it odd that I agree with this man? I’m not for the mass genocide of my own race, but I believe that we live in a culture of oppression. It’s built into the fabric of our language, of our schools, of our political system, of the fundamentals of our society. It’s about the will to power, the drive to dominate, to spread or diffuse influence onto the world in order to wring some advantage out of it.

I would like to see all men freed from one another and have self sufficiency restored, but I’m not quite sure that’s possible. In so far as the group is stronger than the individual, it seems oppression is apart of survival of the fittest, and our willingness to participate in our own oppression is an advantage. Not to all, not forever, but for some, and for a short time. However, I believe we must learn to look beyond the few and the now, and see things with an eternal perspective. That is where authentic wisdom is gleaned for the utilization of our benefit. We must ask ourselves who is leading the herd? Did you consent to their authority? And why? Perhaps we no longer share similar interests?

I also believe that racism is an evolutionary advantage. The herd identifies with itself, and until race lines disappear, there will always be racism, whether its of the gender or the socioeconomic class variety. I’d like us to transcend the temporal, material constraints that bind us to the impulses of immediate sensation, but as beasts, as animals roaming the earth grazing for every efficient advantage, I’m not sure this is feasible, or at all possible.

And on that note I’d like to say that the second speaker resonated with me thoroughly, despite whatever racial overtones may have tinged the message. It is a call to all humanity.

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