Mapping Ideas

Concepts are like buildings of the mind. Each building houses ideas, and these ideas are apart of communities. When you write ideas down, you essentially map them out.

The problem is that buildings need maintenance. The environment is always changing, always weathering the building, putting wear and tear on it. Repairs must be made to ensure the building is holding up to the ever changing environmental demands.

Just as a map gets outdated, so too do concepts. Maps need to be able to reflect the geography accurately. If geography is constantly changing, the map will become outdated and ineffective. Directions won’t lead us to the destination we’re looking for, or produce the result we expect.

It’s important to toss out the old if you want to bring in something new. Old buildings need to be torn down to make room for innovations and improvements. Old maps need to be discarded and new maps made to reflect new concepts, the new geography of the mind.

One thought on “Mapping Ideas”

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