We all have a past. Everyone has their demons. It doesn’t matter who someone is or was, it matters who they want to be. That’s what makes someone special. I have my past, which you don’t know, but it isn’t that different from Damhán and yours. We all slip up. We all want to do what’s easy and avoid what’s hard and ignore what’s painful. When we embrace the difficulty and pain, life ceases to be a problem, and it’s just life. Then we can think beyond our problems and spend time developing solutions. Don’t let the pain or struggle get you down. I know you have a great heart. I know you’ve been doing the hard thing, rather than the easy thing, and it is making you stronger day by day. Don’t avoid problems. Spend time figuring out solutions. One day you will realize how much your life has changed, and how much different you are, how much stronger you are. And all the while, life never got easier, you just got stronger. Keep a positive attitude. Whether you know it or not, you have a lot going for you right now. You are young, and you’re in school, and you have goals. You made a decision to be better, and refuse to settle. That’s an amazing place to be. Don’t beat yourself up when you slip. Forgive yourself, and accept it as part of the learning experience. Face the struggle and pain head on. You will always overcome it with enough persistence and effort.

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