Yea. Mind over matter.
Be smart
Take care of your body
You never get something for nothing
That is why balance is so important
We spend our time eating and in the gym, and we sacrifice other things
We stay up late banging women, and we sacrifice our recovery.
We go on hormones to get big and jacked and have energy, and it comes back and we feel the exact opposite
There’s always a trade off
I tell myself that when it’s hard, my attitude and discipline and focus pays off all the more
When I’m not on cycle, what’s my attitude? What’s my work ethic? What’s my diet?
Cause that will determine how great I am on cycle
Yea no libido sucks
But it can be good to get you focused
Women are fun, but a waste of energy
Sex is healthy
But coming off a cycle leaves you with negative libido
It’ll come back tho
The BEST thing for you to do, is train hard, sleep 8 hours, eat your meals, and do cardio
The next 8 weeks are just as important as the previous 12…. if you plan on making this apart of your life and getting good at it
It’s not 12 on, 8 off… Cause no energy or no libido no motivation. It’s on all the time
It’s what I do, regardless of how I feel
Regardless of how I look
Cause when I am my best, I will be better than anyone who did less
Because I always did more, regardless of how I felt
That’s the mentality needed
But I just wanna encourage you to think long term
It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of life. The body will get better and better. But only after consistency and persistence of hard work and focusing on the details and keeping the big picture in mind
Feelings are not apart of the equation. It’s as simple as you DO it.
No one “feels” like eating 5,000 calories a day. No one “feels” like training till complete exhaustion 5-6 times a week, rain or shine or snow or sleet or however tired you are. No one “feels” like getting 8 hours when you have girls hitting you up at midnight asking for your D
Never pretend that you’ve made it. I have not made it. I never will have made it. It’s ongoing. That should be humbling. There are always people working harder, eating more, training smarter
And those people will always look better and bigger
Except if you do more than them

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