I see you; I become you

I see a woman and I see her heart

I see what they want

What they crave

The attention

The love

And I give that to them in a way they can accept and feel good about

Not in a selfish way.

Maybe it’s called seduction

I just see the lack within them, and I want to fill it and love them

I see it in all people

But with women it’s harder, because those good feelings always lead to more

You don’t want them to end

I study the art of the sale. The art of persuasion. The art of charisma. How to read people. How to influence their mood, their state of mind. How to emotionally evaluate people. To see past words and clothes and makeup and demeanor, and listen to what they are not saying

And this is not a magic trick, a flash of good feeling to appease the senses and enrapt the imagination in an temporary show of lust and desire and deception.

No, what I touch is deeper.

It is the heart, the void, the need for belonging, for acceptance of their true self, not their false self. The self that yearns for validation, even when it communicates the opposite.

This is my skill

This allows me to adapt to any situation.

With any company

Humans are mechanical animals

Everyone has the same basic needs

And when you can find a need that is unmet, an emotional need, under the facade… you will always connect.

I love people. And I have a lot of compassion

And sometimes I forget how important boundaries are,

Such as stepping into the physicality of a relationship, into sex and affection,

and the immediate vulnerability that this contains. 

For lasting relationships it is important to refrain,

So I can develop a relationship with their character first.

If you don’t have an ego, you can adapt very quickly to anyone or anything

You become them.

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