For better or worse, we can never say that the decisions we make ultimately are/ were best for us.

But, we adapt.

And life goes on, and we have the power to create whatever narrative we wish about our choices so that we feel more empowered to deal with the present than before.

But it never means that our choices, however well informed, have left us better.

The only authority I yield to is the ornery and wild insistence to feel authentically. Sometimes that means honoring my past, sometimes that means honoring my future, sometimes that means rejecting everything familiar.

Just honor yourself.

I’ve found that pain and suffering are life. I do not romanticize pain and suffering. They are necessary evils. A result of a permanent mind in an impermanent world.

I do not believe in unnecessary pain and suffering, for the sake of some mystical higher enlightenment.

I choose my pain and suffering according to my goals and desires and aspirations and visions. Pain and suffering and struggle is a consequence of being frail and imperfectly human, and the cost of manifesting desires, of actualizing visions.

Sometimes it means gaining.

Sometimes it means losing.

It is the cost of achievement.

It is necessary for life.

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