When I was young there were a handful of things that really left an impression on me, things that deeply impressed me. 

One of which was a man with ideas. A man who spoke with such depth and insight, that every sentence seemed to posses a infinite worlds veiled behind his expression, worlds of ideas, worlds of experience, worlds of reflection

Knowing such things as the roots of words. The history of things big and small. Being familiar with distant cultures and far off places gathered from travels across the globe. Hearing someone speak like this, with such a well read mind, inspired me deeply. The poise and confidence it produced in these people was striking.

Another thing was a muscular and lean body.

A lean frame, with thick muscles and subtle veins, meat hanging off the bone of his frame, indicating power, indicating something to be respected, a history of athletic ability. 

A wide back. Thick forearms and biceps and triceps. Thick rippling calves. But no fat.

This impressed me.

I would stare at these people as a kid, stare at these god like men, wishing to aspire to be like them one day. 

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