The Birth of Words

Writing is like giving birth.

There is a seed of experience that wedges its way into the cracks of consciousness.

Preoccupations till this seeded soil, reflection germinates until it begins growing larger and larger

Taking form, kicking, pushing, squirming inside

Until the contractions begin

Nausea is apart of the process, and the constant urge to vomit these ideas and feelings stimulate the gag reflex

But it’s only until the cramping contractions begin does the full enormity take shape of what’s inside

The body relents, and the mind surrenders

You place your pen to the paper, or you document it digitally by tapping the tops of the crannied keys, and  words give rise to a life of ideas

For minutes or hours, until the mass of it is outside you, and the contractions cease

And what was birthed and born before you is either an ugly offspring, or a beautiful babe.

Either way it is yours.

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