Sea Sons

Life has seasons, good seasons and bad seasons. There are seasons we’re better than others. We’re not always up. And we can’t expect each other to be. And we shouldn’t pretend that life is always rosy and we have it all together and we’re always strong.

We end up denying support when we need it most.

I fuck up. I make decisions I regret. I hurt relationships.

But best friends don’t keep track of seasons. They look at life and the big picture. They don’t keep tabs. They don’t keep a record or points.

Companionship is all I hope for. To me, that’s enough to be grateful for, that my friends consider me a friend. That they give their attention and time to me.

Everything else is a bonus– a consequence of grace. I can’t expect the world. I can’t expect perfection. We’re all just one relationship to each other. Each of us have many relationships. All I can do is do my best to appreciate the time/ attention you all choose to spend with me, and try to never take that for granted.

Give and give and give. And be thankful. Never keep track of what you’re not getting, cause that leaves you in a state of poverty, and you can’t give if you think you don’t have. Always operate from a place of abundance. There’s a lot of love here, and in each of our lives. We always need to appreciate that.

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