I’m sitting at the, of recent, oft frequented social lounge, Pine Wood Social. My head is in a fog from the weekends bacchanal activities, and long nights, and extended travel the past several weeks. A mug of black coffee glistens next to me, waiting for me to sip.

I arrived home last night from Philly. I spent the day with my childhood friend’s father, Ernie, the friend that committed suicide when we were 17. I haven’t spoke to him as an adult prior to yesterday, and we only managed to see each other once a year or two. He coached my soccer team growing up, alongside my father, whom he also coached.

We must have spent 5 hours together, catching up on life, philosophy, relationships, his line of work as an education consultant, and the like. I could tell he really appreciated the conversation and the attention I paid to him and our discussions. He gave me a book titled The Book of Man by William Bennet, and in it were pictures of Todd and I as kids. Very sentimental.

On Sunday was Alex E’s wedding, so naturally all the guys were there.

On Friday and Saturday I spent my time in NYC visiting friends, specifically my childhood friend Rachel, and I attended a fundraiser hosted by my Vandy fraternity brothers for the American Prairie Reserve. Rachel and I went to Sleep No More, an interactive play afterwords. It was intense.


So I arrived to Nashville last night and went over Cindy’s, since she let the AirBnb guests in and had my keys. I spent the night there.

Still haven’t been home yet. I need to write a thank you email to the interviewer from The ABC last week. Tried to last night, but couldn’t produce anything compelling, so I decide to sleep on it.

I took two Modafinil this morning, which is probably wildly unnecessary, and I’m drinking coffee. There is a production company renting my apartment for today to shoot a music video, though they haven’t indicated when they’ll be stopping by, and for how long.

I’ll be back in San Francisco on Friday for a week, before returning home to head to Atlanta with Cindy where she’ll visit the Swiss Embassy and acquire her dual citizenship? Or something. We’ll be there Thursday to Saturday, then return to Nashville. The following weekend is Thanksgiving, and Cindy asked me to spend it with her, although she prefaced by saying I could do whatever I wanted and she wouldn’t be upset one way or the other. Ernie asked me to visit for his thanksgiving get together.


Anyway. I need to go home and do laundry…. and read… and think about this thank you note.


I must constantly remind myself…. I do not have it figured out. Empty myself. Continually. Allow myself to be filled with new ideas, new feelings.


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