Saint Francis

I’m lying in bed, in Palo Alto California, at my best buddy’s place.

It’s late, and I’m tired. I’ve had a long day. I’m sleeping on a munchkin mattress in the corner of a living room in an old green painted house, approximately 800 sq ft, with a gas fire place emanating to my right. My buddy is asleep in his own bed in the main room. His parents own this place. It’s practically on their main property, which is currently three months into a one year old renovation. They’re staying at his old place, which they owned, a couple blocks away until they finish renovating, then he’ll move back. This green house, as its affectionately called, recently had a renovation of its own, but its still very old, and quite small. Its got a cabin feel to it, and its quite charming. He lives on a compound of six homes, three of which share backyards on the opposite block and are rented to Stanford college students, the other three include the main house, and two smaller houses on either side that act as guest houses for family. Then they have two small cabin-esque offices on the property, one for the mother, and the other for the dad and my buddy.

So anyway. I’ve had a… good weekend.

Tonight was the supermoon, which I watched ascend over the horizon as I watched from Pier 1 at the Port of San Francisco, overlooking the Bay bridge. It was magical. The moon was a full 14% larger than usual.

I’m tired.

I saw a bunch of my fraternity brothers on Friday and Saturday, and I was suppose to go to Sonoma wine country today, but I just didn’t have the stamina.

Instead I walked around the city with my buddy doing our typical philosophical exchanges. We ate, we read, we watched a movie that I believe was titled Requiem for the American Dream, or something, narrated by Noam Chomsky.

I’m tired. My eyes are heavy.

I’ve been drinking a lot. Probably at least 2 drinks every day for the past three weeks. It started out as something I tried to do, and now its become a habit, where alcohol is welcomed at every meal, whenever possible. Not sure how worried I should be.

I have serious decisions I will be making soon. Tomorrow I work with my buddy, then I’ll be back in December for several weeks before deciding to commit to working with this startup full time. We need to discuss the financials, and the logistics. But I feel good about it. It’ll be a big risk, but no risk no reward.

God I’m tied. I’ll write more tomorrow. Goodnight.

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