The Paradox: Possession and Dispossession of the Self

The duality of man, of existence, is never more evident than when exploring the balance of psychology and spirituality.

The psychological works to construct the self.

The spiritual works to relinquish the self.

“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

In order to flourish in the world, amongst others, within society, one must assemble a robust psychology for navigating and orienting the expectations and values and labels of others. The psychology is a static sense of self, a definite assemblage of traits comprising a identifiable personality. The self is rigid, inflexible, possessing mass that reverberates in the mind of others. It is separate from the world, like a point in space, but functions in total relation to the world, within a historical context of time.

In order to flourish in life, one must transcend the body, and divest of the self completely, detach from the world, empty oneself from identity, from values, from labels, from relations, and enter spirituality by dissolving the self into spirit, into nothingness, devoid of context, devoid of time and space. The spirit or will is flexible, adaptable, intangible, unspeakable, nameless and unknowable. It flows like water, conforms to circumstance, takes on whatever form is necessary at the moment. Like light, it cannot be held, it cannot be captured. But it can be generated: the divine-will shines in proportion to the degree it is free of the world.

Eternal life is internal, not external. Life does not exist in the world. Life exists in us.

Love and life are synonymous.

To excel in the world, one must possess a self, must construct and communicate a self that embodies the values of utility society deems most worthy in any context at any given time. So long as you appeal to the world, and take stock of a self reinforced by the world, your psychological self will risk annihilation.

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