eat what you earn

Cause and effect

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If you cannot kill what you eat, do not eat it.

What you do not sow, you do not reap.

You must always hunt for your meals, always.
If you are ever content, you will be beaten and eaten.

There is no enough.

Eat until you gorge, then desert the carcass, sacrifice all that you have earned, then earn it again.

Purification is sacrifice.

What you do not let go, will weigh you to the bottom of your grave.

Sacrifice all.

Hunt for the biggest. Be the most ambitious.

The will of power provides to those who seek the larger vision.

You must lose everything to gain anything.

You cannot ask for help with a closed fist.

You cannot grab the fruit if your hands are filled.

Your heart cannot receive if it is full of other things.

Hunt. Eat in full. Abandon the carcass and go to new lands, find new tracks to hunt.

Wisdom is gained.

More risk more reward.

Have faith.
You must disintegrate in order to reintegrate

Lose the ego

If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you

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