I’m laying on a primitive pullout at our Thai friend Vicki’s friend’s spare apartment, located about 20 minutes away from downtown.

I’m exhausted. It was a fairly beautiful day. We went to the markets and the art something and walked around. Erin and I came back at 640 to get changed and refresh and met up with the rest of the party around 730.

Because the king died on October 13th, the new years celebrations were limited to public relations events. No fire works. No major celebration. Everyone will be mourning for the next couple years and wearing black to honor the late king.

Bang kok is hardly a developing nation. Its infrastructure is amazing (compared to vietnam) and its people are incredibly westernized. Its almost comical how American it feels here. I don’t exactly like it. Nothing too original, other than the hint of asia penchants for over the top things, like Japan does so well. But mostly very american. Which is kinda cliche. Nothing oriental or exotic about it, so far.

Tomorrow we’ll visit the floating markets and ride some elephants. The day after that we’ll see some temples and the royal palace. We still have about five more days here, so I’m there there will be plenty more to see. It’s 12:21am. Happy new year. I’m exhausted. Signing off.

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