The city Singapore is from the Malay word Singapura, with singa meaning “lion” and pura meaning “city”, or Lion City.

I spent the first few days in Singapore with my family, touring around, visiting the botanical gardens, visiting shopping malls, seeing the national museum and the battle box museum.

On my last day in Singapore I meet up with a Chinese Singaporean girl. We meet at the national gallery, adjacent to city hall, and have drinks on the roof top. She chose the spot as a good location to survey the entire city skyline, so she could educate me on the particulars.

I wasn’t initially attracted to her, or at least, I suspended any expectation that I would be. But she turned out to be very cute, and her personality blew me away. She was an INTJ, my favorite personality type. I’m an ENTJ. She was very smart and witty and knowledgable and extremely well traveled. I love women with an intellect. It’s such a turn on, especially if they’re attractive.

She and I spoke for hours and hours and hours, about philosophy and religion, to geopolitics, to business, to her career. She worked for Standard Charter, one of the oldest British banks in the world. They typically serve developing countries. She grew up in Singapore but left for Melbourne when she was 16 for school to attend boarding school and university, and returned after she graduated at 22. She was 25.

We ended up going to Chjmes, which was an outdoor bar-restuarant area located at a reconverted/renovated church.

We taxied back to my area of town and continued talking at a Mozzarella and wine bar. We got a bottle of Malbec and ordered some bruschetta and charcuterie. Eventually we went back to my room where we played and talked intimately for several hours.

It was quite the memorable experience.

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