Ideo Will

Ideas are like floating dandelion seeds. They’re pretty to admire as they hang in the air, but you must reach out and grab them and take hold and plant them firmly in the soil. Let the idea take root. Label the idea. Soon its roots will extend deep into the earth and it will grow towards the sky and blossom outward and inspiration will blow new ideas into the air for more planting. 

And what is will?

You always get in proportion to what you give, and giving up is uncomfortable for most. We want to hold on, but we cannot get more if we don’t let go.

And holding on is where struggle is born; suffering and struggle is apart of life.

We can choose our pains to direct our gains.

Let go of comforts.
Let go of the familiar.
Let go of the self, and who we think we are.
Let go of beliefs, which always possess limits.
As soon as we define, we confine.

Let go of fears;
Fear is unhealthy, no matter how small.
Fears grow.

Every fear we endorse gives our fear of fear more and more life
Our fears are not rational. Fears start small, and as we acknowledge them we give them power, power that controls us, makes us less free.

Fear is the enemy of growth.

When you are fearless, you have mastered your self
He who wishes to master the world must first master himself: no pain, no gain.

Fear of pain and suffering is our greatest enemy.
Because ultimately we are afraid of death, be it physical or ego annihilation
Embrace fear of death and you embrace life.

We can possess our thoughts, or we can let our thoughts possess us.
Our thoughts are not reality;
they merely shape reality

Realizing this, we can become masters of our self, and… others. By not taking thoughts as true. We shape truth. Truth does not shape us.

In the sense that truth is inside us. Not outside us.
Those who believe truth is outside themselves will be victims of circumstance. There is nothing true or false but thinking makes it so.

Perhaps hard to wrap the mind around, but profound and powerful.

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