New Leaf

I haven’t written in far too long. Lots has changed.

I’ve been working at the toy lab full time since January. It’s been a quality living experience. I have some grievances that simply amplify in magnitude depending on how patient I decide to be. I feel as though the pace isn’t quick enough for me. That there is an overall laziness to the operation. That “time constraints” are vastly overestimated, that much more can be done in terms of product development and the like.

I feel as though I come up with many ideas, with much sound direction, but they aren’t adopted until months later, and even then its as if I never suggested it at all. Perhaps my ideas aren’t being pitched accurately, or perhaps they aren’t that profound.

We design toys. It occurred to me that having a narrative is essential for building a billion dollar brand. A narrative containing a compelling story about a believable world with relatable characters. Nothing too spectacular. I believe that books (as religion as demonstrated) were the first stories to provide this escape, or this inspirational narrative that people could contextualize their personal experiences with.

Oral stories to penned stories to printed stories to books and essays and poems to eventual oral stories on the radio, to comic books to picture books to movies to television to youtube.

Kids love small figurines. Large eyes. Collectibles. They like tactile toys, things to touch. They love when these are situated in worlds. Pokemon. Homies. Shopkins. There is a litany of examples of small, collectible like charms or characters. These are personalities, characters, in a story world.

I need to journal my daily ideas and insights. They don’t seem profound, but the daily revelations add up, and I’m convinced there is evidence to what I am saying, what I observe, and what the market demands.

I loath laziness. I do not admire people who don’t work hard and take action.   It makes me feel like life is being wasted away. I want to do more with my life.

All in all, though, life is good. Quality of life is good. I should devote more time to reading and writing, as per usual. I can’t wait to move into a home this October and have my library back with me. All I want in life is to study, to read, to reflect, to challenge myself and my ideas, and develop wisdom, and a more comprehensive understanding of life and all its idiosyncrasies and nuances.

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