Intelligent design and the human experience 

That “order” within the universe is evidence of a god/ intelligent supernatural being.

It’s a weird argument that I am still figuring out.

Two things I think about:

•Order is simple a projection of the mind. There is no order without a mind to perceive it. Order is limited to by our capacity to perceive it

•The laws of thought seem to necessitate an eventual order.

These alone are hard to get around, as in, why must a god exist independently of our mind. And then, are we god? The Bible said we’re made in his image. Perhaps there’s been a big misunderstanding, and the reality is that god IS us, and expresses himself through us. Perhaps he’s not “outside” us as many seem to intimate. But literally, god is our mind.

It’s impossible to discuss a universe devoid of the human experience, so discussing the reality of god without discussing our ability to fully/appreciably apprehend a god kinda moot

But if bypassing perception was possible, and we were left, somehow, with some laws that seem to materialize order, I’d say it would begin with the laws of thought.

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