Personal Investments 

So, years ago this is what I began realizing, and rationalizing.

I began to take stock of how I spent my time on any given day, throughout my life.

There are things I spend a lot of time doing.

I consider my time valuable.

However I spend that time I consider an investment. In my life. In my quality of life. And my overall well being.

I spend a huge majority of my life doing the following:

On my computer/ work
On my phone/ personal/ work
Working out
Listening to music
Enjoying my alone time/ reflection

I examined the factors involved with each of these, and decided that anything related to any of these activities is an important investment.

I decided to not hesitate when spending my money on these activities. And spend less on other bullshit.

As a result, I chose to invest in the following:

-Quality clothes suited for my work life
-A quality bed that improved my sleep
-Buying quality food, even if it means cooking daily
-Buying the best computer so I can do my work efficiently, without lag or malware, or other shitty bs
-Buying the best phone whenever I need it, whenever the time calls for it, since I spend probably 6 hours a day at least on my phone, texting calling emailing or surfing the web
-Buying supplements or gym gear that will help with quality exercise
-Buying a sound system that is easy to use and produces quality/ pleasing sound
-Buying a nice couch, because I spend hours a day reading and reflecting and relaxing there, and also art that inspires reflection and thought

Most people these days spend more time on your phone than any other device. It should be one of the number one investments, or purchases.

I email. Pay bills. Tracking investments. Banking. Take pictures. Videos. Do work. Message. Call. Etc etc etc.

No one should hold back on Buying a fast, functional phone, even if it means buying a new one every 1-2 years
I’ve also found that when you pay more upfront for a good phone, it’ll last longer.

The more memory and faster processor will accommodate any future upgrades than a base model, so you may end up saving in the long run by buying less frequently

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