Cliche Self-care

Sometimes I want to stop this “self improvement” philosophy bullshit, and stop all personal development, just out of spite. Like, stop all these attempts to purify character and attain virtue and cultivate principles.

Does anyone feel like it’s cliche at this point?

What does it all mean?

Everyone seems like that’s what they do. Or post about. Or read. Pictures of their self help books. Their feel good quotes. Success thus and achievement that. Peace and love and yoga for enlightenment and meditation yay.

Living? Learning from experiences? Isn’t this what happens by default, from living?

Must we (I, or millennials) be so obsessed with cultivating skills and improvements and success? (I often feel it’s an illusion, to comfort ourself from the bane reality that existence is mostly trivial chance. The illusion of control, the illusion that we can “fix” ourselves, like we know what that even means, like we know what a healthy or happy self even looks like).

Sometimes i just want to fail. And like. Live with that failure forever. Never fix it. Just be a piece of shit. But. Still live, and thus, still get things done. Cause survival. And the necessity of survival.

And by being a piece of shit, I don’t mean being a malevolent malicious asshole.

I just mean, stop caring about anything that doesn’t directly effect me in the hear and now. No planning. No dreaming. Just be. Maybe fuck and drink while I’m not eating or working.

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