Non Association

I try to disassociate from time to time, and do a self check, take stock of what I’m doing and where I am, and ask myself if it aligns with my higher ideals, because it’s easy to start and journey, only to discover your desire for the destination has changed as you’ve journeyed on.

It’s so easy to get carried away in these… habits. But even more than that, it’s like these values, values that I think are congruent with my own needs, my own desires, but it’s only after they’ve been adopted and embodied do they appear to be alien, and not something I want.

What is authentic? Is this life self generated, or must I defer to my culture and heros and society for these ideals, for this worthwhile purpose?

Can I coin a purpose of my own? Something that resonates with the depths of my being, that engages my faculties in a rapturous way?

Or is that a fantasy?

Or am I too coward to find out?

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