First Impressions

I’ve had “self summaries” on my dating profiles, but I don’t think they could ever represent me, as much as I try.

Communicating the essence of who you are through generalizable words and cliches isn’t really that telling.

I could put: travel, fitness, health, business, reading, adventures, etc, but that’s all unoriginal. I could put some witty phrase, or some quote, or provide details about where I lived, or what I’m looking for, but even then I’m not sure that tells anyone about who I am.

It all seems inadequate when we’re ultimately swiping based on a 1 to 3 second impression of a potential dating partner. We look at pictures. We imagine being apart of their life, what it’d be like to sit across from that person at dinner, or laugh together, or share moments of intimacy, like what depths we’d find gazing into their eyes, what rising euphoria we’d feel when they look our way and smile.

And then we swipe. And we hope our unconscious fantasy may be mutually realized.

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