People Issues

We all have issues.

It’s funny, because our “issues” are only revealed in relationships. Correction. Not only, but it seems most acutely.

Everyone is great by themselves. Most of the time. Life can be comfortable and controlled.

But then invite another “mind” or “personality” or “ego” into the mix and there’s all these frictions that arise.

But every human yearns for intimacy and connection. We’re social creatures

Its also interesting to think that when we speak about a person’s “issues”, it’s often that other people don’t struggle with that same issue in the person.

Like, you have a problem with this part of a person. But another person doesn’t have that problem with them.

It’s interesting.

It’s all about relationship dynamics, and the closeness of that relationship, but it also seems that in those circumstances, that’s a personal problem, not a “them” problem.

If there’s a consensus, and a pattern, then I’m sure the issue can be identified as being legitimate. Pathological mental health issues, for example.

Every person is like a mirror to ourselves. We project our interior judgements onto others. Problems we may struggle with ourself, our shadow self, the unconscious self, become projected onto another person, as if it’s a part of them, as if it’s their problem, when in reality, it’s our problem.

All our problems are “our” problems. They don’t exist in the world. They exist in us.

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