What is meaning? discussion

We’ll be discussing the question “What is meaning?”

The question of meaning is a broad one, but relevant. Meaning seems to be a persistent universal pursuit of humanity, and getting a better idea of “meaning” could, I think, shed insight into other important areas of life. We’re all striving to find meaningful work, meaningful relationships, meaningful past times. I don’t pretend to think we’ll get to the bottom of this question in one sitting, but I’d like to see if we can converge on a common understanding, and perhaps lay the foundation for future Meetup discussions.

Some further questions to elaborate on:
How we do define meaning?
What is the nature of meaning?
Is there a hierarchy of meaning?
What determines meaning, or how is meaning derived?
Does science provide meaning? Can it?
Does religion provide meaning?
Does spirituality provide meaning?
What is the relationship between meaning and feeling and value?
Is there a distinction between objective meaning and subjective meaning?

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