Dreams of Divinity

I had a weird experience when I was laying in bed last night
it was strange
it was like a spiritual experience. Or just, me recognizing patterns. It caught me off guard, but it was profoundly spiritual, and deep. Closest thing I’ve had to a “spiritual” experience. Even though, I wouldn’t attribute it to anything supernatural. Just a state of being.

It was a result of the discussion last night.

As I was laying in bed reflecting on the conversation, some “background” observations began to surface, and a pattern emerged that really… enveloped me. Background observations related to the group discussion, like salient details that aren’t or weren’t significant to the moment, but signified something greater. Like, if I was to step back and gain distance and analyze actions and words and behaviors, a theme would emerge, an objective theme, that indicated something significant. Like a transcendental truth, like enlightenment.

It emerged because of these patterns my mind was sorting out. As they emerged, I began to have this resonant experience, like one-ness. It was similar to what it feelings like when you learn something, when something clicks. When you’re totally engaged in purpose, meaning, when there is clarity, when you’re present, when the mind isn’t anywhere but here and now. Things made sense.

I want to hash out the patterns I observed, from like, from the group discussion, from our discussion. See if there is something here.

Some of the key takeaways from the group discussion were:
Meaning is mostly a result from our relationships/community with others
Meaning is mostly a result of a common purpose
There seems to be a common purpose

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