Of late

I’ve been meaning to write for some time now. Life is good. I’ve got several job offers from Fortune 500 companies. $160-250k, with a 70/30 salary/bonus split. I’ve been praying and mediating recently.

I need to accept a job offer sometime this week.

I need to break up with G, just focus on my career.

I got a final in person interview with company B for a better position… sales manager, doing enterprise systems and IOT, managing 8-12 sales engineers, and 15-50% more pay…

Company B is the industry leader in the Industrial Automation space.

Company A is one of the world’s Top Regarded companies, I think 10 according to Forbes. They’re both a fortune 500 companies.

Company A has many divisions, and is about 3-4 times larger ($100 billion vs $30 billion). Company B is primarily focused on automation, security, industry solutions (sensors, components, controls, motion, safety, networking, etc).

Company A’s industrial automation division is relatively new… I’d be on the ground floor as a Regional Sales manager. No manager, just a director to report to in NJ. I grow the territory. There’s room for advancement… National Sales Manager within the next 3-5 years I was told.

Company B is established… I’d be managing a team of 8-12. Much more bureaucracy and politics, I think.

Technically speaking, they sell the same products.Company B owns 55% of the US Industrial Automation market share. They are the leader.

Company A… is like nothing in the industrial automation space. Other industries like IOT, Batteries, Artificial Intelligence, Avionics, Electronics, Home Automation, etc. They just revamped their US strategy. In Asia they are much bigger in the Industrial Automation market. They just were late to the game in the USA, and now its their fastest most profitable division, but its new. The whole US industrial automation team is probably 20-30 people.

The Company B position is a lot more responsibility. 50% travel for Company B (none for Company A). A lot more work, but I think it would be a growing experience and enjoyable. I’m “technically” not qualified, and I lack experience haha. But that doesn’t matter. I got this far, and I know I can do the job. I’m a machine, and they see that, and will see that.

The upside with Company A is that its…Company A. A globally recognized brand with many divisions and lots of opportunity for lateral moves within the company, and even growing the division would be an exciting challenge since they are so new.

Company B is established… I’d learn a lot. As a sales manager, I’d be managing a large territory, and many sales engineers. I’d be working with enterprise systems at large manufacturers. Its an established sales force. More much management and reporting. But i think it could be good to learn the ins and outs of this company at such a senior level.

My career goal is to get into consulting at some point. I want more management and operations experience. I want to specialize in the Industry 4.0/ Automation world. Its a fast growing industry and there is a demand for specialist who know and understand it, so I want to gather experience… my end goal is to work for a big company, gain experience that I can leverage and then try to work for a big consulting firm… McKinsey, Bain, Accenture, Boston, whoever is a good fit.

So my decisions will have to align with a company that will fit with that goal… which will serve me better?

I love the team at Company A. They’re all very educated, very kind, like a family. Just good people. Down to earth. Most have advanced degrees in electrical engineering and MBAs. I don’t know much about Company B team yet… Ive yet to have an in person interview. It will likely be next week

Company A seems very people oriented. Very loyal to their employees. Lots of great benefits. 3 weeks vacation. 3 days PTO. 12 paid holidays. 5 days paid volunteer days. And sick time is up to the managers approval. The team is very seasoned… director is 21 years, the BD director is like 26 years, the product managers are like 6-12 years. Very career oriented company

I know much less about Company B’s culture.

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