I have two more in person interviews tomorrow. I’m still waiting back from the company I’d like to work for. When I returned from my interview with them, they called me the next day to extend an offer, saying they were enthusiastic about the impression I left them. The hiring manager reviewed the 70/30 compensation split for the position, as well as the benefits, and all the other perks such as paid time off, holiday leave, sick leave, paid volunteer days off, company credit card, and a $600 car allowance, along with computer and cell phone. The salary and OTE was about $10-20k less than what the other positions I have been interviewing for were offering, but on my application I listed $100k as the salary expectations. I had to explain to the hiring manager that that number was incorrect, and that the salary expectations were actually $130k with OTE of $30-40k. She said she would go back to the team and see what she could do and get back to me tomorrow or Friday, and that they also needed to do a background check and a few other organizational things. Well, Friday came and I received an email that they were still working on my offer and that she’d get back to me Monday. Monday came and went, and this morning I received an email asking if I had a moment for a quick chat. I responded that I was available anytime today at their convenience. I’m awaiting a call.

Of course, I am worried. What is the delay? What did the background check bring back? My thoughts raced… is my drivers license in good standing? Do I have any criminal activity? Only a misdemeanor in 2011 in Worcester, MA when a drunk guy stole my pizza and started a fight, and police arrested be for disorderly conduct.


So the company just called and gave me a formal offer. $120k + Semi-annual bonus, which they say will bring my OTE to $182k. In addition, 3 weeks paid vacation starting immediately, 5 paid volunteer days, 5 days paid time off, 12 paid holidays, $600 monthly car allowance, 8% 401k matching, Laptop and cellphone, American Express company card for business expenses, and zero out of pocket for health insurance. They’re sending me over the documents to sign now.

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