Do Something

Do something that no one has done before. If you don’t have a plan, someone will make you apart of their plan, and I can promise that their plan for you will under utilize your potential and squander your satisfaction. Attitude is the defining characteristic of a successful life. You need a plan as well. I’m not talking about some stock blueprint that we should follow to a T. I’m speaking about goals. Say you want to travel across the country. You have a mental representation of that journey, a little red line that cruises across the mental map. When you are on your journey you won’t be traveling in a neat, straight little line. You will encounter obstacles, mountains, rivers, swamps, a multitude of confounding externalities that were unplanned. Does that mean you abandon your goals? No. It means you adjust your means for achieving your goals. If you thought it was going to be a neat little line, how wrong you were. You must adapt. We are adaptable and fluid, ever evolving, not static and rigid. When the landscape changes we change our approach, when the facts change we change our minds.

This means that your little blue print will be useless. You need a desired result, a goal, an end that exists before there is a how. Leave the how up to your tenacity and imagination. And if you already know how to achieve your goal, you’re probably not asking enough from yourself. Why do what’s easy? Why stay the same? The status quo is for rocks, lifeless and unchanging.


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