I’m half convinced I’m dreaming, and this bizarre circus of reality is nothing more than a cruel illusion. I can’t stand media, and I can’t stand social media most of all. I can’t stand politics, I can’t stand consumerism, I can’t stand the absurdity of our world. Everything is a charade. Everything is a joke. There is no up or down. No right or left. No good or bad. It’s all tribalism and self righteous outrage and virtue signaling. There is no credibility. There is no authority. Truth has become an instrument of power: power to dominate the narrative, regardless of consequence.

I just cannot understand what the common man believes anymore. I can’t believe anything from the talking heads on TV.

Twitter is a joke. Everyone is a joke. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone thinks their opinion is more right than anyone else’s. Everyone weighs in on everything, like it matters. Opinions appeal to popular sentiment become truth. It’s an ocean of bullshit. Whatever gets more likes, whatever gets more attention. False or deviant shit gets outrage, which the righteous respond to and get likes, and the false shit becomes elevated as legitimate and worthy.

Washington DC is a joke. These politicians are all jokes. They’re all power hungry idiots. They’re all products of our narcissistic culture. I can’t bear to listen to them talk. Like they have any authority. They’re all petulant children. They’re all daft. Dumb. Stupid as shit. Just arrested with self importance.

Our culture is glued to data. It’s the matrix. We plug in to our content feeds. Content is king. Data is king. We read and consume data. It shapes our worldview. Tech companies are worth billions because they capture our attention. That is their value proposition: eyes on their platform, consuming their content.

This is the world we live in.

What is true? Our opinion about facts? What facts? The facts we get from the Internet? How to verify? Who’s authority? It’s all arbitrary. Simulacra and simulation.

It’s a virtual reality.

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