Recent Occurence

So two things that I have been re-reminded of recently:

1. It’s never too late to begin learning. Literally. We are never to old to start. And knowledge compounds and leads to exponential gains in expertise.

2. College classes are always an available resource for learning, and quite honestly one of the best resources, even after the conventional four year degree is over.

Its like you get a bachelors in english or philosophy and you’re like, this is my domain, my identity, and I will cling to it, and reinforce it, despite my curiosity for other subjects, which I have so little experience and confidence in. Math? Oh that’s not my strong suit, so I won’t explore economics or physics. Too intimidating. Writing? Writing is so painful, and writers block is excruciating, and reading those philosophy or critical literary analysis piece is dense and boring as fuck, and I can’t write like I’m on an LSD trip for 20 pages, so probably should’t. Or whatever the fuck

But the truth is, you can literally take classes, start with the basics, wherever you feel comfortable, even if its at intro to college algebra or fundamentals of composition, and begin layin the foundations.

You can literally get a degree in whatever subject you want. Like, anything. Start with the intro class. You might think it’s a big time investment. That it’ll take too long, too many years.

Well I’m watching kids who graduated after me graduating as doctors and passing bar exams and attaching PhD on the end of their names, and some of these people it’s only been 4 or 5 years since graduation.

If you start some classes at 30, what’s 3 years to get an associates? What’s another three to get another bachelors? Sir John Doe got a bachelors degree while working a job like everyone else, except rather than watching television programming or binging on talk show podcasts or watching sports, he spent an hour a day reading some class material, and one night a week he went to a classroom or watched a webinar for a few hours on a dope as subject.

Even if you don’t get a degree, you can take classes on dope as subjects. Like, literally become educated in whatever subject that interests you.

And how this acquisition of knowledge impacts your daily perspective will ultimately influence what opportunities you perceive and seize upon. Whether you wanna pay for classes and join a community of interested peers, or just utilize free resources and books to self study.

This revelation is pretty dope.

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