The whole fuckery is that what humanity craves and desires is fundamentally what ends up destroying society. We advocate free markets and capitalism and while that’s great and all, we end up giving people the garbage they crave.

It’s business. It’s economics. No government should tell people what’s best for them. Supply and demand.

I mean, yea, ideally we have a philosopher king, like the one Socrates advocates for in Plato’s Republic, and this philosopher king was a wise and benevolent ruler who understood virtue and ruled accordingly, but how do we ensure the character of such a person, so that the next ruler is just as benevolent and wise, without ensuring our demise when a malevolent and egomaniacal ruler steps up and completely inflicts misery upon the people?

But our primal instincts seek ease and comfort and pleasure, and forego struggle and pain and discipline, the very character forming elements that render and strong and virtuous society

So free markets are like, you like sugar? We got sugar. And you’re obese as fuck.

You want porn? You got porn. And stable relationships begin to decline. And pedophiles and pervs and antisocial characters breed.

You want want entertainment? You got entertainment. And people sit in front of a flickering box of light for an average of 5 hours a day in the USA, or 77 days straight per year.

You want to isolate yourself from the world? We got you covered. Everything delivered to your door, and remote work.

You want to be told what to think? We got you covered. Media that confirms your bias and world view. Algorithms that feed you exactly what you want, etc.

Not sure if all this is as bad as I’m making it sound. Just economics.

We don’t think about what’s best. We want ease. We want comfort. We want pleasure. And we rarely consider the long term consequences of a world that caters to everyone’s wants.

We’re seeing it with this whole victim mentality and PC bullshit, of course.

So, this is what I think about equality: You don’t deserve a shit. Life is not fair. The world doesn’t owe you a thing. You earn it.

I like to think that virtues and good character are learned behaviors as a result of struggle and sacrifice as discipline. It’s the only world to instantiate order from chaos in this world.

A man is born into the world, and he must earn his keep. Those that do develop character, as a result of right thought and action, and consequent habits that follow.

And these good habits are emulated and passed on to others and your offspring, and a culture develops. Your offspring may not have the same struggles, but they absorb your habits because you teach them these important values. You don’t need to starve to know the importance of hard work and sacrifice. Your parents can instill this in you. The culture of the community can properly socialize you with these good virtues and habits that embody a productive and competent character.

And those that are product and competent will be rewarded and should be. We should care for each other. Because we are stronger and more productive in numbers.

But let’s say there is a group of people who want the same care and support, but completely lack the character, who are unproductive, lazy, and not competent.

Why should they deserve access to healthcare? To education? To resources that others earn?

There is this entitlement.

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