Of Ants and Men, and Aliens

“if we pass by ants without a second thought, do aliens with advanced travel pass right by us?”

Mankind is just in love with itself— We think any remotely intelligent lifeform would give a rats ass about discovering us?

It’s all about self-preservation, self absorption.

I can’t fathom a reason why any intelligent alien would need anything to do with us if they found us. If intelligent life was able to bend the laws of physics, and travel faster than the speed of light, literally instantaneously port through time and space, I can’t imagine what we could possible teach them, what we have to offer.

Resources? Uh. If they can travel faster than the speed of light, they can literally manipulate matter, and form whatever they want. They can take pure energy and manipulate it to their will. I have to believe they solves resource problems long ago.

Like, if any alien life found us, the things they would have to overcome to do so would be so monumental, that they would have already solved any remote physical challenges that could possible remain.

Apes. We are.

Our greatest obstacle as a species is learning how to manipulate energy, to understand its true nature, because energy is everything. It is the substance that imbues all matter, it informs all dynamics of the universe.

Once we learn to take pure energy, and form elemental particles, to create something from nothing— we’ve achieved something stupendous. We can then escape the constraints of time and space.


Or not.

the eternal recurrence

the eternal return

everything is just cycles


civilizations rise and fall

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