Fiction 2: plot structure exercise

The air is dry and the sun is hot. Waves of heat sweep over the cityscape. There is a lazy tenor vibrating through the air: the sound of summer.

Three men are seated at a bar, knuckling each other in the ribs as they joke and throw back drink after drink. They’re dressed in business attire, hair ruffled, ties loosened, though it was midday, and one would think they should be at work.

A bell rings as the door creaks open and footsteps echo throughout the bar. The three men pause their jovial activities and take note of the two bodies floating past them.

Walking tall are two beautiful women, prim and proper, and looking to kill: femme fatale. They seat at the far end of the bar.

The guys all look at each other and smile, before unseating and approaching the women.

They surround the women, breathing down at them in cool gesture.

“What does a guy got to do to get a girl like you?” one of the men asked.

The girls looked at one another. One of them looked at each of the men in the eyes, and then said “Seeing how there’s three of you, two of you need to kill the other.”

One of the men shot back. “What the fuck? Are you kidding me? What kind of sick joke is that?”

The two other men looked each other in the eye, then at the man who just spoke.

In the next moment they pull out large caliber handguns and cock the trigger in the direction of the third man. “What the fuck?”

Before he could say another word they simultaneously pull the trigger.

There was a bang and silence. All the patrons in the bar opened the eyes as their muffled ears rang out. A cloud of blood hovered in the air before the body collapsed on the floor.

The two men returned their large handguns to their waist pocked and offered a hand to the women, who smiled and gracefully grabbed hold. They walked passed the bleeding body, gurgling and twitching as the blood pooled beneath him, and they exited the door.

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