The answer to every hard problem: What you know you should do, but don’t want to do, because it’s painful.

Work. Gym. Healthy eating. Writing. Studying. Relationships. Apologizing. Reading.

We have these psychological mechanisms that think so short term. They sabotage. They self deceive.

Pain, struggle, discomfort, sacrifice— are all deeply avoided.

The avoidance can manifest into all kinds of nasty psychological incarnations.

Mental illness. Complexes. Negative states of being. Projecting onto others.

Of course, these things— pain, struggle, discomfort, sacrifice— are illusory.

They don’t exist. We create them. They are obstacles are use to justify inaction.

To justify deeper values and beliefs about ourselves and others and the world.

Pain, struggle, discomfort, sacrifice— all subjective and relative.

There is no objectivity about them.

And yet we behave as if they are mountains, formidable obstacles there’s no way around.

Mentally and physically and avoiding as if it will kill us. As if it’s a mortal threat to our being.

The reality is, the only obstacles that exist are our limited perceptions, our near sighted vision, our failure to consider all possibilities. In short, our ego, our self possessed ideas about the way things are and should be.

The reality is, there is no “I”.

The self is an illusion.

All the ideas about the self comprising an identity are illusions that trap us, that oppressive our ability to think and engage with all that could be, because rather than being open, we close ourselves off, and clutch to these ideas, rather than being aware, and open, and allowing ideas to arrive and pass with no consequence, and embrace possibility.

Our minds are not distinct from the world. It is the world.

Mind is the world.

The world is our mind.

But we believe and act as if we are distinct and separate from the world, from all that is happening.

The reality is, we are all that is happening. Mind is all that is, all that will be.

There is no fixed self.

The mind, being, thoughts are only as fixed as our perceptions, our beliefs, attachment to ideas, values, feelings.

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