Okay Journal

Okay okay. I need to journal. What have I been up to? Last week was Thanksgiving. The week before I was in NYC for a National Sales Meeting. The weekend before that my parents visited. And the week before that the executive strategic general manager for our Japanese factory visited, and I was in meetings and shuttling him to major accounts all day. It’s been a busy month. 

When I got back from the national sales meeting I drove G’s and we ended up taking off on Sunday to Los Angeles to meet her mother and sister who were visited her extended family. We rented an Airbnb in Venice and spent time together and with them, going to the beach, renting Lime scooters and Uber bikes, and visiting Universal Studios Hollywood. It was neat. 

On Thanksgiving we checked out and drove up 365 to Lake Tahoe. SR 120 and 108 was closed due to a storm, so we decided to just stay the night in south lake Tahoe. 

We got back and relaxed. I feel like I’ve been taking adderall non stop. Maybe just when I was driving. It’s difficult to function without it once you begin to get behind on sleep. It’s like a deficit that keeps accumulating until you cease and end up sleeping for days on end. 

Well that’s how I feel now. Although, I just took some.

I have to read my short story for 10 minutes during class on Monday. Tonight I have an artificial intelligence class and tomorrow data science. I think I’ve missed 2 classes in a row for those classes. 

I feel behind on work. I haven’t really worked in weeks. As in, I haven’t been in my work routine. It’s been sales meetings and visitors and holidays for three weeks. Makes me feel bad. I need to get back on it. In three weeks the holidays are upon us. Our numbers are down for the business at around xx from last year. That’s not good. I’m around xx%. That’s not good. It’s paralyzing. 

All I want to do is lay around and read and do some writing. I’ve been writing this extended article on Keyence and Sales fundamentals. No idea why. Mostly for masturbation. 

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