Life is a Game

Everything is a game
All human activity is a game
Culture is a game
Language games
Knowledge games
Business games
Family games
Romance games
Military games
Survival games
Farming games
Hunting games
Religious games
Approval games
Played with other humans
With rules and points and score cards
With winners and losers
Why are games necessary?
Who decides a game?
What defines a game?
What makes a good game?
What are the best games?
Why do we have games?
Is there anything to life besides games?
What are the largest games played by humanity?
By the most people?
Throughout history?
What is the game archetype?
How do you structure a game?
How do you design a game?
How is a game created?
How do games naturally arise in nature?
What other animals play games?
Which games are most common among living organisms?
Which games last the longest?
Which are the most rewarding?
What do all games have in common?
What do games achieve?
Do we play games with ourselves?
Can we play games with ourselves?
How do we play games with ourselves?
Why do we play games with ourselves?
Is it better to play games with myself? Or others?
Free market societies allow for many games
Democracy allows the people to collectively decide the game
Language games create narratives which reveal the game
Repetition creates rules
Rules provide structure, permanence
Mimetic games
Are games always logical? Algorithmic?
Why are games always logical?
Do games make life absurdity comprehensible?
Do games provide order from disorder?
Which games are not logical?
Why are they not logical?
Is this good or bad?
What does an illogical game look like?
Is it a game without logic?
What is the role of logic in games?
What is the role of technology in a game?
How does technology change or influence the game?
How is technology used in games?
Who introduces technology to games?
How is technology adopted into games? By what process?
Which technology is most influential in games? Why?
Are games systems?
Why are games systems?
what kind of systems?
What if you don’t play the game?
Can you avoid playing any games?
How does this behavior manifest?
Do games evolve? Change over time?
Is a change in change good? or bad?
When is this good?
Why is this good?
How do games evolve?
Why do games evolve?
When do games evolve?
What or who influences their evolution?
What are the common elements of a game? Of the rules? Of the points, or rewards? Of the players?
What is the end goal for a game?
Can you decide not to play games with others?
What is the process for inventing a new game?
Are there games within games?
Is there a limit to how many games can be played simultaneously?
Are games always for winning?
What are the exceptions?
Can you change the rules of the game?
What is the penalty for not following the rules?
Is there a similar penalty across games?
Why is there a penalty?
Do the games ever end?
Why do games end?
How they typically end?
Why do they typically end?
What are the signs a game is about to end?

Only play games you will win.

Infinite iterative games create world order among two subjects.

Shared games manifest as shared reality.

World building begins with me and ends with others.

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