Energy is all

emitters and receivers
every mass is a node that emits and receives
the sensors of the particular node are tuned to specific vibrations
each mass has a particular way of receiving and emitting energy that allows it to perpetuate its existence, which is optimized by its ability to efficiency receive and emit energy/vibrations
organisms are little nodes, little mass objects that receive and emit energy vibrations to other nodes
starlight would still quantify as a spectrum of frequencies from mass bodies in space
regardless of our ability to perceive
to perceive is to seize
from the latin word meaning to seize, or grasp
perception is grasping frequencies that resonate with our consciousness
slivers of energy representing patterns that appeal to our neurological vibrations
to perceive is to grasp, to observe, to tune our minds like a radio scanner, to seize a sliver of frequencies from the soup of noise enveloping the universe
I imagine a universe without human consciousness, without my consciousness
there would be no time
because there would be no perspective
time is entirely human
it doesn’t exist.
without human perception, what would be the measure of time
just an infinite asymptote of energy
pulsation would not exist, for there would be no interval
everything would be one dimensional
or non dimensional

Everything is energy. Energy in motion is vibration. the slower the vibration the more mass
there are endless patterns waiting to be deciphered
patterns representing systems, massive systems that comprise ecosystems of energy
the patterns are energy, are truth, are a higher resonance
there is an ultimate resonance that feeds all life
learning these patterns allows you to manipulate reality, by implementing them onto other systems, thus gaining control
whoever knows how to best manipulate energy is god
energy is activity, is life, is incentive, is motivation

if we define starlight as a wavelength of 4000 Angstroms then it is a thing 
And in this way, it dissolves 
the vibration exists whether we perceive it or not
the resonance with us produces a phenomenal experience 
an eye is a sensor
sensors are receivers 
sensors are tuned to certain frequencies 
tactile, haptic, optic etc, sound, visceral vibrations
all our sensory organs are just meaty sensors, receivers of vibrational energy 
a crystal can be a sensor
it receives light then emits it
refracts into different wavelengths, different vibrations
a sensor is anything tuned to a particular frequency 
bacteria don’t have eyes and they can sense light
photons penetrating their cellular bodies
increasing their vibrations
or heat, for that matter
thermal radiation 

The idea “starlight” is a shared symbolic language construct. It describes the memory of a state of perception. It exists in the collective human memory
the phenomenon of starlight can be synthesized into a general memory, but no two memories are every the same 

We perceive radiation between 600 and 300nm. Some people can perceive fine distinctions between that radiation, like a musician can decipher fine distinctions in the symphony of sound
allowing a menagerie of patterns to emerge that crystalize the mind to create a pleasing resonance. The ecstasy of art. 
some people never observe, not stop to listen to those finer distinctions in life. Those that do discover worlds all around them, existing all the while, waiting to be tapped into

Scientists should be called observationists 
Things exist regardless of conscious perception. Though there is some weirdness that goes on at quantum level with respect to observation
The human mind collapses things into existence in a weird unexplainable way. 
Things exist. But time  cannot exist. 
I mean. 
Do things exist?
What is the context of existence without a mind to behold?
Like, if there is no time, there is no space. Imagine the 1 billion years happening every second. 
Now imagine a trillion years happening every second
Now a quadrillion
just infinite wind up and collapse 
big bang expansion contraction repeat 
what is time when it’s an asymptote 
What is space
Biological organisms are like clocks
You can’t speed them up or slow them down, they just run according to their gears
sometimes the gears run out faster than others
but the mind cannot escape the gear ratios that produce the human experience of time
What’s time like to a Bee?
A mayfly, who lives less than 24 hours
a 250 year old tortoise 
Are we all operating with the same gears? Do the size and ratios of gears change our sensory experience
can we slow down time
speed it up, by modulating perception
LSD is amazing…
I might take some tomorrow, and think about time. 
Mathematics blows my mind
it really fuckin does
as an adult I’ve become more interested in it from a metaphysical perspective
relationships amounts things
abstract relationships 
these byproducts of the mind
applying mathematics to the world
I sound like a crazy person, i know. Some LSD mystic hippy. I just think appreciating that everything is vibrational energy is eye opening
deciphering the signal from the noise 
quieting the noise

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