Life is a god damn paradox. Infinite little paradox’s that we try to rationalize and worm our way out of, just to find ourself in another little box.

Vulnerability is the gateway to strength.

You must make yourself vulnerable to expose your weaknesses, to gain self awareness of them, in order to develop them.

Vulnerability exposes our fears and discomforts and limitations and weakness.

Only by confronting those realities can we develop them. Otherwise we run and they stay hidden, masked by our delusions of competency and strength.

Self deception is a fascinating subject

There are biological reasons we self deceive. It’s a primal evolutionary protective mechanism.

These instincts mean well, but they operate beyond our awareness most of the time. A primitive reaction to pain.

They are the source of all our delusions.

They are meant to protect us, by hiding pain and trauma and ugly realities.

But they often make us weak and feeble, and fill us with convoluted delusions, in an effort to prevent the acknowledgment of painful realities.

Realities of self worth. Realities of our competencies.

They can also work for us. They mask painful realities, and create a powerful cloak constructed out of ego.

This ego is a double edge sword.

Powerful because of its impenetrable defenses.

But as much as it keeps many things out, it keeps many things in, and prevents us from exploring the limits of our selves, and our world. And challenging the assumptions that may be constraining our full potential

It reflects poorly on our carefully constructed self image.

Unless you are comfortable with your weaknesses. Unless you know the power of failure.

Failure is the path. The obstacle is the way.

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