Mathematics is Modeling

The older I get, the more I appreciate mathematics. Specifically geometry and algebra and calculus.

Wisdom is derived when we abstract experiences and synthesize them into models.

Mental models represent the abstract patterns we synthesize throughout our lifetime of internal and external experiences.

Every book and every narrative and every experience is a model.

Geometry is the optimal method for constructing rational models.

Algebra is the optimal method for calculating changes in models.

Calculus is the optimal method for calculating the rate of changes in these models.

Geometry is the most fundamental skill in spatial thinking and modeling.

Every system or concept or pattern can be modeled via geometry. All relationships can be captured and mapped and measured and calculated.

Whenever I think about abstract relationships between subject/objects/points, I can’t help but placing them in Cartesian coordinate space.

Geometry is the ultimate modeling tool. The ultimate tool for thinking about the world and it’s relationships with concision and clarity.

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