Does biological evolution flourish in high entropy environments?

I think of anti-fragile. Tangentially, Lindy’s law.

I think it does, within reason.

I was thinking that high entropy environments, ironically, are most conducive to life

Within reason, of course.

High entropy as in high energy, high disorder.

Was thinking about how biologists determine where to locate the highest areas of biodiversity on a map. Like sloped areas, valleys on land or sea. Warm areas, with higher radiation and temperature. Areas with high water velocity. Humidity, to capture the heat. Anything that promotes disorder.

I’m sure there are other factors comprising high energy/entropy environments.

I was thinking of geologic landscapes. Areas of high entropy are like warm climates with high precipitation, where there is high water erosion, perhaps from elevated topologies/mountains, that then precipitate on the valleys below, which capture the high energy rain flow in streams and rivers and the particle/debris/ mineral nutrients along with it to enrich the soil and just create disorder from erosion and flooding and upheaval.

Or thermal vents located on the abysmal sea floor, and the abundance of creatures that proliferate at these high temperature chemical rich areas in an otherwise stable, cold environment.

Or the Cambrian explosion, which just so happened to be associated with the hottest global temperatures.

It’s like evolution thrives in disorder

Which is just interesting

Biodiversity appears greatest in high entropy areas. Just disordered

I get that like, super high temps would be lethal. And my idea of high entropy is just limited to what’s on earth. I’m sure Venus could be considered high entropy? Could it? Not a very hospitable place for life…. or is it? We don’t know. Not for life as we know it anyway.

I just think it’s interesting that on a genetic level, disorder, entropy, etc seems to promote fitness….

It’s weird.

Equilibrium would seem to make sense… like safe and secure, predictable. But that’s not really what leads to strengthening. Perhaps it leads to a fixedness. But when the environment changes, the organisms eventually have struggling to adapt and die out. Like an inertia.

Or maybe not.

Perhaps life doesn’t die out, just the organisms who evolved to the equilibrium state and adopted a fixedness die, and the other simpler, less complex organisms eventually evolve to fill the new void.

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