Psychedelic Experience

I feel like lsd and psilocybin etc allow the brain to literally re-wire itself.

There’s a de-conditioning that occurs.

Call it the “default mode network”. But it’s the habituated “mindset” that pervades conscious, phenomenal experience.

The brain subconsciously projects a “sensible” or coherent experience onto our present. It’s like a crystalline structure of thoughts.

This structure is the result of habituated actions learned from trial and error, or society, or whatever.

What supports this structure are primal emotions and instincts and values.

Psychedelics just totally melt this structure away, and reveal the primal source of being.

They provide a space to tear away the “facade” of coping mechanisms. These mechanisms aren’t good or bad, but they can obscure the “truth”, whatever that means for you.

I feel like a psychedelic trip is a process of tearing down or washing away or clearing, and rebuilding, reconstructing, readjusting.

It’s like the windows are wiped clean again, and your eyes adjusting to the scenery for the first time in a long time. The doors of perception.

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